Executive Outcomes

War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left.

Breach, Bang, Clear - "Not everything in life is a fairy tale"

"With constant action scenes, this particular graphic novel is perfect for a weekend read; too long to be called a comic book and too short to be considered an epic like Habibi.
Unless you move your lips while you read and use a finger for concentration, this should take you a couple short (but enjoyable) hours. And thankfully there’s a glossary for all of the South African slang used."

Dave Merrill publishes a quick write-up with some (gasp) actual photographs of the book being read - on Breach, Bang, Clear.

Thanks Dave.

Slings & Arrows - "several jaw-dropping incidents with the ring of anecdotal truth"

The horror of battle and attack, so integral to a rounded understanding of war stories, is unflinchingly portrayed - but it never glorifies carnage.
— Ian Keogh - Slings & Arrows

Slings & Arrows is a site we have frequently read in the past to discover new graphic novel releases. We were very happy that Frank, Ian and the team liked the book enough to write such eloquent praise.

Full review appears here

Beach Reporter - “The moment you use the word mercenary, it's a bit like using the word whore"

The moment you use the word mercenary, it's a bit like using the word whore,” Bicanic says. “It implies something that is extremely negative simply because you're taking money to do a particular job. It implies a guy that has a knife between his teeth, who doesn’t care who he works for and essentially will kill on command, which is very far from the truth for 99.9 percent of what is now known as the private contracting military industry."
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